martes, 8 de agosto de 2017

Camisetas Mamá en Prácticas

Buenos días

¿Conocéis a alguna Mamá en Prácticas? Se me ocurre que es un regalo graciosón para las que acaban de dar a luz o están a punto de hacerlo...Como siempre, haciendo clic en cada imagen, iréis a la camiseta en mi tiendita.;s:M_P3.jpg

OK, I am not quite sure how to translate this properly... as I do not know how the signal for recent drivers in other countries are... In Spain, when someone gets his driving license, he or she has to carry that "L" sign on the rear window during a year in order to show the other drivers that he is not experienced... and so the pollice can know that he can not excede a lower speed limit or alcohol rate... So, this would be a shirt for  women who recently got their "Mother License"... I thik that's a fun gift for a recent mom or a mom-to-be. By cliking on each picture, you will be redirected to the item in my little shop.

Con BE de bonito

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